a gallery of personal networks

In an earlier post I described how you could create a visualization of your personal network on Facebook. To give you some sense of what these visualizations look like, here are a few that were donated by my students.

If you are teaching a class in social networks this semester and would like to have your students do this activity too, my students would be excited to compare the results.


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visualizing your personal network on Facebook

In my course about social networks, one of the first assignments asks each student to make a visualization of their personal network on Facebook.  Even though all the students are different, there is remarkable similarity in the structure of their personal networks.  It is even more amazing that many of these patterns are predicted by pre-Facebook sociological research, such as Scott Feld’s excellent 1981 paper on social foci.  Here are some examples of the students’ personal networks.

Below are detailed instructions about how to do visualize your personal network using getnet and Gephi, an open-source network visualization program.

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